About Kat Taylor

Like so many young Americans in the 1960s, Kat vividly remembers the assassinations of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X. The country was in the midst of a fight to obtain justice and equality for all of its people, as it still is today. As someone fortunate enough not to be deprived of the American dream based on bigotry and brutality, Kat is committed to being an ally against the moral injustices and exploitative economic systems which undermine what our American society could truly be – a Beloved Community for all people.

Over hundreds of years, the powerful have normalized attacks and oppression against people of color, the poor, and our planet. Slavery, environmental destruction, redlining, police brutality, and disinvestment are just some of the tools of institutional racism. This institutional harm will not change and will not stop ripping away any chance of prosperity for so many unless we change it. Today we all have an obligation and a role to play in helping to tear out injustice at its root.

In partnership with communities across the United States, Kat works in service of restoring social, racial, and gender justice and environmental well-being for an equitable and inclusive world.


Championing Legislation for All Californians

From strengthening regulations against the worst excesses in the financial system, including predatory lending, reforming charitable abuses, to helping provide free school meals for all our children, Kat builds and supports broad coalitions who fight for all Californians.

Partner & Mother

Kat is the partner of Tom Steyer and the mother of four beautiful children, who are each pursuing their own wild and precious life.