Firefighters to Conduct Prescribed Burn Near Pescadero

San Mateo County Fire Dept. (September 30th, 2021) – Firefighters to Conduct Prescribed Burn Near Pescadero

BELMONT, CA – Firefighters plan to conduct a prescribed burn at TomKat Ranch near Pescadero, San Mateo County on Friday, October 1, 2021. This burn is being conducted in conjunction with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which predicts favorable weather conditions this week, and TomKat Ranch.

The 30-acre burn area has been pre-treated with masticators. This prescribed fire will reduce brush on a ridge north of the town of Pescadero. If conditions become unfavorable, the burn will be postponed. Most
of the burning will be conducted Friday. If additional acreage remains, the rest of the burn will take place on Saturday.

The prescribed burn is part of a multi-year collaboration and planning process to explore how prescribed burning can complement regenerative planned livestock grazing to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and improve nutrient cycling and habitat for wildlife.

“Fire treatments can help regenerate fire-tolerant plant species, such as native grasslands, and improve soil organic matter, which increases the soil’s ability to hold water,” said Kat Taylor, Founder of TomKat Ranch.“During a time of increasing drought and more destructive wildfires from climate change, California can adopt regenerative practices like prescribed burns and managed grazing to restore natural ecological cycles, and protect people and our planet.”


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