Growing the Table

Connecting underrepresented farmers with food insecure communities.

Kat and the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, have partnered with California agencies and the philanthropic community to raise millions of dollars to help small farmers become mini food banks and to facilitate relationships between diverse small farms and local markets to meet the skyrocketing rates of food insecurity across the state. This partnership is called Growing the Table.

Growing the Table purchases boxes of fresh produce grown by diverse local farms, and distributes them for free to high-need families and individuals. The program pays small, diverse farmers a wholesale price for their produce during a time of unseen market insecurity for farmers. This produce is beautiful, often organic, and regeneratively grown, and can teach people who typically do not have access to such food about the benefits of healthy eating. Food can be a great equalizer. In Growing the Table, food is distributed through a network of community-based organizations, food banks, and non-traditional sites.

Growing the Table has distributed over 50,000  boxes of fresh produce, tens of thousands of freshly prepared meals, and paid small, diverse local farmers over a million dollars for their produce. This is only the beginning. The network cultivated through Growing the Table strengthens local agriculture partnerships, helps farms stay afloat during economic downturns, facilitates economic development, and promotes healthier diets.

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