Growing the Table Strengthens Connections in Salinas Farmworker Communities

Growing the Table, a program that delivers locally grown food to food-insecure families throughout the Central Coast, has donated more than 138,000 pounds of organic produce to Monterey Bay and Salinas families. One of the biggest objectives of the pilot program is ensuring that farmworkers are among the first to access the food they grow. […]


Kat Taylor Explains School Meals for All on Fox 40

California adopts school meals for all, making it the first state in the nation to do so. Kat Taylor explains what that means for families across the state.


Multi-ethnic Coalition Grows the Table in Los Angeles

 A group of L.A. organizations has delivered more than 66,000 pounds of culturally relevant produce to under-resourced communities in an effort to grow the table as big and diverse as L.A. County.


Putting Black, Brown, and Regenerative Farmers First

Growing the Table aims to help small, racially and gender diverse, and regenerative/organic farms and ranches participate in market alternatives that provide these farmers with a wholesale payment for their harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables.